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Stevie Ray Vaughan
Life Without You

Oh oh now baby,
Tell me how have you been
We all have missed you,
And the way you grin
The day is necessary,
Every now and then
For souls to move on,
Givin' life back again, and again
Fly on fly on, fly on my friend
Go on, live again love again

Day after day,
Night after night
Sittin' here singin'
Every minute,
As the years go passing by,
By, by, by
Long look in the mirror,
We've come face to face
Wishin' all the love
We took for granted,
Love we have today

Life without you,
All the love you passed my way
The angels have waited
For so long,
Now they have their way
Take your place

There is no life without you,
if I had known you were really gone,
I would have picked up that match, (gun)
and walked with you into the light...

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