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We're all born with a box of matches inside us.
We can't light them by ourselves,
they can be lit from a melody, a sound, a caress, our lover's breath,
anything that pulls the trigger and sets off one of the matches.
Every person has to discover what will pull the trigger
and enable him to live.
Because it is the explosive flare of the match that feeds our souls.
If there's nothing to trigger the explosion,
our box of matches becomes damp,
and then we will never be able to light any of them.
Of course, it is important to light the matches one at a time,
because if an intense burst of emotion were to ignite them all at once,
they would produce such a strong brilliance,
that before our eyes would appear a tunnel of such radiance,
showing us the path that we forgot at birth,
the same path that calls us back to our divine origins.

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